Second Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

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Second Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

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A Linear Observed Time Statistical Parser Based on Maximum Entropy Models
Adwait Ratnaparkhi

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Global Thresholding and Multiple-Pass Parsing
Joshua Goodman

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An Efficient Distribution of Labor in a Two Stage Robust Interpretation Process
Carolyn Penstein Rose | Alon Lavie

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Text Segmentation Using Exponential Models
Doug Beeferman | Adam Berger | John Lafferty

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Detecting Subject Boundaries Within Text: A Language Independent Statistical Approach
Korin Richmond | Andrew Smith | Einat Amitay

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Mistake-Driven Learning in Text Categorization
Ido Dagan | Yael Karov | Dan Roth

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Tagging Grammatical Functions
Thorsten Brants | Wojciech Skut | Brigitte Krenn

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On aligning trees
Jo Calder

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Aggregate and mixed-order Markov models for statistical language processing
Lawrence Saul | Fernando Pereira

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Assigning Grammatical Relations with a Back-off Model
Erika F. de Lima

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Automatic Discovery of Non-Compositional Compounds in Parallel Data
I. Dan Melamed

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Learning to Tag Multilingual Texts Through Observation
Scott W. Bennett | Chinatsu Aone

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A Corpus-Based Approach for Building Semantic Lexicons
Ellen Riloff | Jessica Shepherd

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Inducing Terminology for Lexical Acquisition
Roberto Basili | Gianluca De Rossi | Maria Teresa Pazienza

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Name Searching and Information Retrieval
Paul Thompson | Christopher C. Dozier

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Lexicon Effects on Chinese Information Retrieval
K.L. Kwok

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Attaching Multiple Prepositional Phrases: Backed-off Estimation Generalized
Paola Merlo

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Learning Methods for Combining Linguistic Indicators to Classify Verbs
Eric V. Siegel

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Probabilistic Coreference in Information Extraction
Andrew Kehler

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An Empirical Approach to Temporal Reference Resolution
Janyce Wiebe | Tom O’Hara | Kenneth McKeever | Thorsten Ohrstrom-Sandgren

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Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Structured Semantic Space
Donghong Ji | Changning Huang

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Distinguishing Word Senses in Untagged Text
Ted Pedersen | Rebecca Bruce

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Exemplar-Based Word Sense Disambiguation” Some Recent Improvements
Hwee Tou Ng