Proceedings of the First Workshop on Argumentation Mining

Nancy Green, Kevin Ashley, Diane Litman, Chris Reed, Vern Walker (Editors)

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Baltimore, Maryland
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the First Workshop on Argumentation Mining
Nancy Green | Kevin Ashley | Diane Litman | Chris Reed | Vern Walker

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Annotating Patterns of Reasoning about Medical Theories of Causation in Vaccine Cases: Toward a Type System for Arguments
Vern Walker | Karina Vazirova | Cass Sanford

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Towards Creation of a Corpus for Argumentation Mining the Biomedical Genetics Research Literature
Nancy Green

pdf bib
An automated method to build a corpus of rhetorically-classified sentences in biomedical texts
Hospice Houngbo | Robert Mercer

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Ontology-Based Argument Mining and Automatic Essay Scoring
Nathan Ong | Diane Litman | Alexandra Brusilovsky

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Identifying Appropriate Support for Propositions in Online User Comments
Joonsuk Park | Claire Cardie

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Analyzing Argumentative Discourse Units in Online Interactions
Debanjan Ghosh | Smaranda Muresan | Nina Wacholder | Mark Aakhus | Matthew Mitsui

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Back up your Stance: Recognizing Arguments in Online Discussions
Filip Boltužić | Jan Šnajder

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Automated argumentation mining to the rescue? Envisioning argumentation and decision-making support for debates in open online collaboration communities
Jodi Schneider

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A Benchmark Dataset for Automatic Detection of Claims and Evidence in the Context of Controversial Topics
Ehud Aharoni | Anatoly Polnarov | Tamar Lavee | Daniel Hershcovich | Ran Levy | Ruty Rinott | Dan Gutfreund | Noam Slonim

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Applying Argumentation Schemes for Essay Scoring
Yi Song | Michael Heilman | Beata Beigman Klebanov | Paul Deane

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Mining Arguments From 19th Century Philosophical Texts Using Topic Based Modelling
John Lawrence | Chris Reed | Colin Allen | Simon McAlister | Andrew Ravenscroft

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Towards segment-based recognition of argumentation structure in short texts
Andreas Peldszus

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Titles That Announce Argumentative Claims in Biomedical Research Articles
Heather Graves | Roger Graves | Robert Mercer | Mahzereen Akter

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Extracting Higher Order Relations From Biomedical Text
Syeed Ibn Faiz | Robert Mercer

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Survey in sentiment, polarity and function analysis of citation
Myriam Hernández A | José M. Gómez

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Indicators of Argument-conclusion Relationships. An Approach for Argumentation Mining in German Discourses
Bianka Trevisan | Eva Dickmeis | Eva-Maria Jakobs | Thomas Niehr

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Extracting Imperatives from Wikipedia Article for Deletion Discussions
Fiona Mao | Robert Mercer | Lu Xiao

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Requirement Mining in Technical Documents
Juyeon Kang | Patrick Saint-Dizier