COLING-02: SEMANET: Building and Using Semantic Networks

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COLING-02: SEMANET: Building and Using Semantic Networks

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Knowledge-Based Multilingual Document Analysis
R. Basili | R. Catizone | L. Padro | M.T. Pazienza | G. Rigau | A. Setzer | N. Webb | F. Zanzotto

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Induction of Classification from Lexicon Expansion: Assigning Domain Tags to WordNet Entries
Echa Chang | Chu-Ren Huang | Sue-Jin Ker | Chang-Hua Yang

pdf bib
Semiautomatic Creation of Taxonomies
Javier Farreres | Horacio Rodríguez | Karina Gibert

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Semantic Networks: the Path to Profitability
Pascale Fung

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Building Semantic/Ontological Knowledge by Text Mining
Eduard Hovy

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Translating Lexical Semantic Relations: The First Step towards Multilingual Wordnets
Chu-Ren Huang | I-Ju E. Tseng | Dylan B.S. Tsai

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Classification of Adjectival and Non-adjectival Nouns Based on their Semantic Behavior by Using a Self-Organizing Semantic Map
Kyoko Kanzaki | Qing Ma | Masaki Murata | Hitoshi Isahara

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Assigning Verbs to Semantic Classes via WordNet
Anna Korhonen

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A WordNet-Based Approach to Named Entites Recognition
Bernardo Magnini | Matteo Negri | Roberto Prevete | Hristo Tanev

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Frameworks, Implementation and Open Problems for the Collaborative Building of a Multilingual Lexical Database
Mathieu Mangeot-Lerebours | Gilles Sérasset | Frédéric Andrès

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Fine-Grained Proper Noun Ontologies for Question Answering
Gideon S. Mann

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Using the WordNet Hierarchy for Associative Anaphora Resolution
Josef Meyer | Robert Dale

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Generating Extraction Patterns from a Large Semantic Network and an Untagged Corpus
Thierry Poibeau | Dominique Dutoit

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A Japanese Semantic Network Built on a Pulsed Neural Network with Encoding Associative Concept Dictionaries
Takuya Sakaguchi | Shun Ishizaki

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Selecting the Most Highly Correlated Pairs within a Large Vocabulary
Kyoji Umemura

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A Maximum Entropy Approach to HowNet-Based Chinese Word Sense Disambiguation
Ping Wai Wong | Yongsheng Yang

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A Character-net Based Chinese Text Segmentation Method
Lixin Zhou | Qun Liu

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Sorry, What Was Your Name Again, or How to Overcome the tip-of-the tongue Problem with the Help of a Computer?
Michael Zock