Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management

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Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Portals (invited talk)
Steffen Staab

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Human Language Technologies for Knowledge Management
Mark Maybury

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Crosslingual Language Technologies for Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Sharing (invited talk)
Hans Uszkoreit

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Using HLT for Acquiring, Retrieving and Publishing Knowledge in AKT
Kalina Bontcheva | Christopher Brewster | Fabio Ciravegna | Hamish Cunningham | Louise Guthrie | Robert Gaizauskas | Yorick Wilks

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Identification of Relevant Terms to Support the Construction of Domain Ontologies
Paola Velardi | Michele Missikoff | Roberto Basili

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Semi-Automatic Practical Ontology Construction by Using a Thesaurus, Computational Dictionaries, and Large Corpora
Sin-Jae Kang | Jong-Hyeok Lee

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The Form is the Substance: Classification of Genres in Text
Nigel Dewdney | Carol VanEss-Dykema | Richard MacMillan

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Document Fusion for Comprehensive Event Description
Christof Monz

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Gathering Knowledge for a Question Answering System from Heterogeneous Information Sources
Boris Katz | Jimmy Lin | Sue Felshin

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Invited Speaker - Supporting Organisational Learning through the Enrichment of Documents
J. B. Domingue

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GIST-IT: Combining Linguistic and Machine Learning Techniques for Email Summarization
Evelyne Tzoukermann | Smaranda Muresan | Judith L. Klavans

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What are the points? What are the stances? Decanting for Question-driven Retrieval and Executive Summarization
Jean-François Delannoy

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Multilingual Authoring: the NAMIC Approach
Roberto Basili | Maria Teresa Pazienza | Fabio Massimo Zanzotto | Roberta Catizone | Andrea Setzer | Nick Webb | Yorick Wilks | Lluís Padró | German Rigau

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Automatic Augmentation of Translation Dictionary with Database Terminologies In Multilingual Query Interpretation
Hodong Lee | Jong C. Park

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Adapting and Extending Lexical Resources in a Dialogue System
Ana García-Serrano | Paloma Martínez | Luis Rodrigo

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Component-Based Multimodal Dialog Interfaces for Mobile Knowledge Creation
Georg Niklfeld

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The Automatic Generation of Formal Annotations in a Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment
Thierry Declerck | Peter Wittenburg | Hamish Cunningham

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Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management - Final Roadmap Session
Niels Ole Bernsen