Second Chinese Language Processing Workshop

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Hong Kong, China
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Second Chinese Language Processing Workshop

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Two Statistical Parsing Models Applied to the Chinese Treebank
Daniel M. Bikel | David Chiang

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Sense-Tagging Chinese Corpus
Hsin-Hsi Chen | Chi-Ching Lin

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Knowledge Extraction for Identification of Chinese Organization Names
Keh-Jiann Chen | Chao-jan Chert

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Using Co-occurrence Statistics as an Information Source for Partial Parsing of Chinese
Elliott Franco Drabek | Qjang Zhou

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Sinica Treebank: Design Criteria, Annotation Guidelines, and On-line Interface
Chu-Ren Huang | Feng-Yi Chen | Keh-Jiann Chen | Zhao-ming Gao | Kuang-Yu Chen

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Enhancement of a Chinese Discourse Marker Tagger with C4.5
Benjamin K. T’sou | Tom B.Y Lai | Samuel W.K. Chan | Weijun Gao | Xuegang Zhan

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Statistically-Enhanced New Word Identification in a Rule-Based Chinese System
Andi Wu | Zixin Jiang

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Comparing Lexicalized Treebank Grammars Extracted from Chinese, Korean, and English Corpora
Fei Xia | Chunghye Han | Martha Palmer | Aravind Joshi

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The Research of Word Sense Disambiguation Method Based on Co-occurrence Frequency of Hownet
Erhong Yang | Guoqing Zhang | Yongkui Zhang

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A Trainable Method for Extracting Chinese Entity Names and Their Relations
Yimin Zhang | Joe F. Zhou

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Statistics Based Hybrid Approach to Chinese Base Phrase Identification
Tie-jun Zhao | Mu-yun Yang | Fang Liu | Jian-min Yao | Hao Yu

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A Block-Based Robust Dependency Parser for Unrestricted Chinese Text
Ming Zhou

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Annotating Information Structures in Chinese Texts Using HowNet
Kok Wee Gan | Ping Wai Wong

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Machine Learning Methods for Chinese Web page Categorization
Ji He | Ah-Hwee Tan | Chew-Lim Tan

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Semantic Annotation of Chinese Phrases Using Recursive Graph
Donghong Ji

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Text Meaning Representation for Chinese
Wanying Jin

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How Should a Large Corpus Be Built?-A Comparative Study of Closure in Annotated Newspaper Corpora from Two Chinese Sources, Towards Building a Larger Representative Corpus Merged from Representative Sublanguage Collections
John J. Kovarik

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A Clustering Algorithm for Chinese Adjectives and Nouns
Yang Wen | Chunfa Yuan | Changning Huang

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Extraction of Chinese Compound Words - An Experimental Study on a Very Large Corpus
Jian Zhang | Jianfeng Gao | Ming Zhou

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An Algorithm for Situation Classification of Chinese Verbs
Xiaodan Zhu | Chunfa Yuan | K.F. Wong | Wenjie Li

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Zero Anaphors in Chinese Discourse Processing
Chin-Chuan Cheng