Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2014)

Jing-Yang Jou, Chia-Hui Chang, Hsin-Min Wang (Editors)

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Jhongli, Taiwan
The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (ACLCLP)
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Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2014)
Jing-Yang Jou | Chia-Hui Chang | Hsin-Min Wang

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運用概念模型化技術於中文大詞彙連續語音辨識之語言模型調適 (Leveraging Concept Modeling Techniques for Language Model Adaptation in Mandarin Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Po-Han Hao | Su-Cheng Chen | Berlin Chen

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探究新穎語句模型化技術於節錄式語音摘要 (Investigating Novel Sentence Modeling Techniques for Extractive Speech Summarization) [In Chinese]
Shih-Hung Liu | Kuan-Yu Chen | Yu-Lun Hsieh | Berlin Chen | Hsin-Min Wang | Wen-Lian Hsu

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台灣情緒語料庫建置與辨識 (An Emotional Speech Database in Taiwan: Collection and Recognition) [In Chinese]
Bo-Chang Chiou | Chia-Ping Chen

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基於稀疏表示之語者識別 (Sparse Representation Based Speaker Identification) [In Chinese]
Kuang-Yao Wang | Jia-Ching Wang

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利用核依賴估計來進行多軌自動混音 (Automatic Multi-track Mixing by Kernel Dependency Estimation)[In Chinese]
Tsung Ting Wu | Chia-Hui Chang

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中文轉客文文轉音系統中的客語斷詞處理之研究 (Research on Hakka Word Segmentation Processes in Chinese-to-Hakka Text-to-Speech System )[In Chinese]
Hsin-Wei Lin | Feng-Long Huang | Ming-Shing Yu | Yih-Jeng Lin

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基於發音知識以建構頻譜HMM 之國語語音合成方法 (A Mandarin Speech Synthesis Method Using Articulation-knowledge Based Spectral HMM Structure)[In Chinese]
Hung-Yan Gu | Ming-Yen Lai | Wei-Siang Hong | Yan-Hua Chen

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Some Prosodic Characteristics of Taiwan English Accent
Chao-yu Su | Chiu-yu Tseng | Jyh-Shing Roger Jang

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網頁商家名稱擷取與地址配對之研究 (Store Name Extraction and Name-Address Matching on the Web) [In Chinese]
Yu-Yang Lin | Chia-Hui Chang

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Public Opinion Toward CSSTA: A Text Mining Approach
Yi-An Wu | Shu-Kai Hsieh

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Towards automatic enrichment of standardized electronic dictionaries by semantic classes
Bilel Gargouri | Imen Elleuch | Abdelmajid-Lin Ben Hamadou

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Collaborative Ranking between Supervised and Unsupervised Approaches for Keyphrase Extraction
Gerardo Figueroa | Yi-Shin Chen

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Semantic Representation of Ellipsis in the Prague Dependency Treebanks
Marie Mikulová

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Sketching the Dependency Relations of Words in Chinese
Meng-Hsien Shih | Shu-Kai Hsieh

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使用中文字筆畫構形資料庫校正字形相似之別字 (Using Chinese Orthography Database to Correct Chinese Misspelling Words With Graphemic Similarity) [In Chinese]
Tao-Hsing Chang | Hsueh-Chih Chen | Jian-Liang Zheng

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學術論文簡介的自動文步分析與寫作提示 (Automatic Move Analysis of Research Articles for Assisting Writing)[In Chinese]
Guan-Cheng Huang | Jian-Cheng Wu | Hsiang-Ling Hsu | Tzu-Hsi Yen | Jason S. Chang

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以二維共振峰分布建立語者音色模型及其在語者驗證上之應用 (Using 2D Formant Distribution to Build Speaker Models and Its Application in Speaker Verification) [In Chinese]
Jia-Guu Lin | Jyh-Bin Shiau | Chang En Pu | Chia-Long Wu

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Unsupervised Approach for Automatic Keyword Extraction from Arabic Documents
Arafat Atwi Awajan

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Testing Distributional Hypothesis in Patent Translation
Hsin-Hung Lin | Yves Lepage

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Spectrum Analysis of Cry Sounds in Preterm and Full-Term Infants
Li-mei Chen | Yu-Hsuan Yang | Chyi-Her Lin | Yuh-Jyh Lin | Yung-Chieh Lin

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Web-Based Recording and Visualization Framework for Moving Trajectories [In Chinese]
Po-An Yang | LiJung Chi | Kun-Ta Chuang | Seth Chen | Jonathan Tsai | Yung-Chung Ku