Proceedings of the 21st Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing

June-Jei Kuo, Jeih-Weih Hung (Editors)

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Taichung, Taiwan
The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (ACLCLP)
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Proceedings of the 21st Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing
June-Jei Kuo | Jeih-Weih Hung

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相似度比率式鑑別分析應用於大詞彙連續語音辨識 (Likelihood Ratio Based Discriminant Analysis for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Hung-Shin Lee | Berlin Chen

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Wavelet Energy-Based Support Vector Machine for Noisy Word Boundary Detection With Speech Recognition Application
Chia-Feng Juang | Chun-Nan Cheng | Chiu-Chuan Tu

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Noise-Robust Speech Features Based on Cepstral Time Coefficients
Ja-Zang Yeh | Chia-Ping Chen

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強健性語音辨識中分頻段調變頻譜補償之研究 (A Study of Sub-band Modulation Spectrum Compensation for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Sheng-yuan Huang | Wen-hsiang Tu | Jeih-weih Hung

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Web Mining for Unsupervised Classification
Wei-Yen Day | Chun-Yi Chi | Ruey-Cheng Chen | Pu-Jen Cheng | Pei-Sen Liu

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Query Formulation by Selecting Good Terms
Chia-Jung Lee | Yi-Chun Lin | Ruey-Cheng Chen | Pei-Sen Liu | Pu-Jen Cheng

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中英文專利文書之文句對列 (Sentence alignment of English and Chinese patent documents) [In Chinese]
Kan-Wen Tien | Yuen-Hsien Tseng | Chao-Lin Liu

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意見持有者辨識之研究 (A Study on Identification of Opinion Holders) [In Chinese]
Chia-Ying Lee | Lun-Wei Ku | Hsin-Hsi Chen

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Tonal effects on voice onset time: Stops in Mandarin and Hakka (聲調對嗓音起始時間的影響:以國語和客語為研究對象)
Jui-Feng Peng | Li-mei Chen | Yi-Yun Lin

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Latent Prosody Model-Assisted Mandarin Accent Identification
Yuan-Fu Liao | Shuan-Chen Yeh | Ming-Feng Tsai | Wei-Hsiung Ting | Sen-Chia Chang

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高解析度之國語類音素單元端點自動標示 (Sample-based Phone-like Unit Automatic Labeling in Mandarin Speech) [In Chinese]
You-Yu Lin | Yih-Ru Wang

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基於離散倒頻譜之頻譜包絡估計架構及其於語音轉換之應用 (A Discrete-cepstrum Based Spectrum-envelope Estimation Scheme and Its Application to Voice Transformation) [In Chinese]
Hung-Yan Gu | Song-Fong Tsai

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電腦輔助句子重組試題編製 (Computer assisted test-item generation for sentence reconstruction) [In Chinese]
Chih-Bin Huang | Chao-Lin Liu | Wei-Ti Kuo | Ying-Tse Sun | Min-Hua Lai

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主題語言模型於大詞彙連續語音辨識之研究 (On the Use of Topic Models for Large-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Kuan-Yu Chen | Berlin Chen

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Improving Translation Fluency with Search-Based Decoding and a Monolingual Statistical Machine Translation Model for Automatic Post-Editing
Jing-Shin Chang | Sheng-Sian Lin

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Minimally Supervised Question Classification and Answering based on WordNet and Wikipedia
Joseph Chang | Tzu-Hsi Yen | Tzong-Han Tsai

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應用句型結構與部份樣本樹於對話行為之偵測 (Dialogue Act Detection Using Sentence Structure and Partial Pattern Trees) [In Chinese]
Wei-Bin Liang | Yu-Cheng Hsiao | Chung-Hsien Wu

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資源受限運算環境下華英混雜語音辨識系統 (Mandarin/English Mixed-Lingual Speech Recognition System on Resource-Constrained Platforms) [In Chinese]
Wei-Tyng Hong | Hong-Ci Chen | I-Bin Liao | Wern-Jun Wang

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強健性語音辨識中基於小波轉換之分頻統計補償技術的研究 (A Study of Sub-band Feature Statistics Compensation Techniques Based on a Discrete Wavelet Transform for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Hao-teng Fan | Wen-Hsiang Tu | Jeih-weih Hung

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併合式倒頻譜統計正規化技術於強健性語音辨識之研究 (A Study of Hybrid-based Cepstral Statistics Normalization Techniques for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Guan-min He | Wen-Hsiang Tu | Jeih-weih Hung