Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing

Chung-Chi Chen, Hen-Hsen Huang, Hiroya Takamura, Hsin-Hsi Chen (Editors)

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5 January
Kyoto, Japan
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Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing
Chung-Chi Chen | Hen-Hsen Huang | Hiroya Takamura | Hsin-Hsi Chen

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Financial News Annotation by Weakly-Supervised Hierarchical Multi-label Learning
Hang Jiang | Zhongchen Miao | Yuefeng Lin | Chenyu Wang | Mengjun Ni | Jian Gao | Jidong Lu | Guangwei Shi

pdf bib
Variations in Word Usage for the Financial Domain
Syrielle Montariol | Alexandre Allauzen | Asanobu Kitamoto

pdf bib
Detecting Omissions of Risk Factors in Company Annual Reports
Corentin Masson | Syrielle Montariol

pdf bib
A Semantic Approach to Financial Fundamentals
Jiafeng Chen | Suproteem Sarkar

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Learning Company Embeddings from Annual Reports for Fine-grained Industry Characterization
Tomoki Ito | Jose Camacho Collados | Hiroki Sakaji | Steven Schockaert

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Unsupervised Discovery of Firm-Level Variables in Earnings Call Transcript Embeddings
Daniel Edmiston | Ziho Park

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Using Extractive Lexicon-based Sentiment Analysis to Enhance Understanding ofthe Impact of Non-GAAP Measures in Financial Reporting
Stacey Taylor | Vlado Keselj

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FinSBD-2020: The 2nd Shared Task on Sentence Boundary Detection in Unstructured Text in the Financial Domain
Willy Au | Bianca Chong | Abderrahim Ait Azzi | Dialekti Valsamou-Stanislawski

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PublishInCovid19 at the FinSBD-2 Task: Sentence and List Extraction in Noisy PDF Text Using a Hybrid Deep Learning and Rule-Based Approach
Janvijay Singh

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aiai at the FinSBD-2 Task: Sentence, list and Item Boundary Detection and Items classification of Financial Texts Using Data Augmentation and Attention
Ke Tian | Hua Chen | Jie Yang

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Daniel at the FinSBD-2 Task: Extracting List and Sentence Boundaries from PDF Documents, a model-driven approach to PDF document analysis
Emmanuel Giguet | Gaël Lejeune

pdf bib at the FinSBD-2 task: Document Structure Identification by Paying Attention
Abhishek Arora | Aman Khullar | Sarath Chandra Pakala | Vishnu Ramesh | Manish Shrivastava

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The FinSim 2020 Shared Task: Learning Semantic Representations for the Financial Domain
Ismail El Maarouf | Youness Mansar | Virginie Mouilleron | Dialekti Valsamou-Stanislawski

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IITK at the FinSim Task: Hypernym Detection in Financial Domain via Context-Free and Contextualized Word Embeddings
Vishal Keswani | Sakshi Singh | Ashutosh Modi

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Anuj at the FinSim Task: Anuj@FINSIM¡VLearning Semantic Representation of Financial Domain with Investopedia
Anuj Saini

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ProsperAMnet at the FinSim Task: Detecting hypernyms of financial concepts via measuring the information stored in sparse word representations
Gábor Berend | Norbert Kis-Szabó | Zsolt Szántó

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FINSIM20 at the FinSim Task: Making Sense of Text in Financial Domain
Vivek Anand | Yash Agrawal | Aarti Pol | Vasudeva Varma