Nick Rossenbach


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Learning Bilingual Sentence Embeddings via Autoencoding and Computing Similarities with a Multilayer Perceptron
Yunsu Kim | Hendrik Rosendahl | Nick Rossenbach | Jan Rosendahl | Shahram Khadivi | Hermann Ney
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP (RepL4NLP-2019)

We propose a novel model architecture and training algorithm to learn bilingual sentence embeddings from a combination of parallel and monolingual data. Our method connects autoencoding and neural machine translation to force the source and target sentence embeddings to share the same space without the help of a pivot language or an additional transformation. We train a multilayer perceptron on top of the sentence embeddings to extract good bilingual sentence pairs from nonparallel or noisy parallel data. Our approach shows promising performance on sentence alignment recovery and the WMT 2018 parallel corpus filtering tasks with only a single model.


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The RWTH Aachen University Filtering System for the WMT 2018 Parallel Corpus Filtering Task
Nick Rossenbach | Jan Rosendahl | Yunsu Kim | Miguel Graça | Aman Gokrani | Hermann Ney
Proceedings of the Third Conference on Machine Translation: Shared Task Papers

This paper describes the submission of RWTH Aachen University for the De→En parallel corpus filtering task of the EMNLP 2018 Third Conference on Machine Translation (WMT 2018). We use several rule-based, heuristic methods to preselect sentence pairs. These sentence pairs are scored with count-based and neural systems as language and translation models. In addition to single sentence-pair scoring, we further implement a simple redundancy removing heuristic. Our best performing corpus filtering system relies on recurrent neural language models and translation models based on the transformer architecture. A model trained on 10M randomly sampled tokens reaches a performance of 9.2% BLEU on newstest2018. Using our filtering and ranking techniques we achieve 34.8% BLEU.


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The RWTH Aachen University English-German and German-English Machine Translation System for WMT 2017
Jan-Thorsten Peter | Andreas Guta | Tamer Alkhouli | Parnia Bahar | Jan Rosendahl | Nick Rossenbach | Miguel Graça | Hermann Ney
Proceedings of the Second Conference on Machine Translation