Mulugeta Libsie


Amharic Question Answering for Biography, Definition, and Description Questions
Tilahun Abedissa Taffa | Mulugeta Libsie
Proceedings of the 2019 Workshop on Widening NLP

A broad range of information needs can often be stated as a question. Question Answering (QA) systems attempt to provide users concise answer(s) to natural language questions. The existing Amharic QA systems handle fact-based questions that usually take named entities as an answer. To deal with more complex information needs we developed an Amharic non-factoid QA for biography, definition, and description questions. A hybrid approach has been used for the question classification. For document filtering and answer extraction we have used lexical patterns. On the other hand to answer biography questions we have used a summarizer and the generated summary is validated using a text classifier. Our QA system is evaluated and has shown a promising result.