Mohammed Ali Al-Garadi


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Emory at WNUT-2020 Task 2: Combining Pretrained Deep Learning Models and Feature Enrichment for Informative Tweet Identification
Yuting Guo | Mohammed Ali Al-Garadi | Abeed Sarker
Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (W-NUT 2020)

This paper describes the system developed by the Emory team for the WNUT-2020 Task 2: “Identifi- cation of Informative COVID-19 English Tweet”. Our system explores three recent Transformer- based deep learning models pretrained on large- scale data to encode documents. Moreover, we developed two feature enrichment methods to en- hance document embeddings by integrating emoji embeddings and syntactic features into deep learn- ing models. Our system achieved F1-score of 0.897 and accuracy of 90.1% on the test set, and ranked in the top-third of all 55 teams.