Milena Yankova


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A Framework for Identity Resolution and Merging for Multi-source Information Extraction
Milena Yankova | Horacio Saggion | Hamish Cunningham
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08)

In the context of ontology-based information extraction, identity resolution is the process of deciding whether an instance extracted from text refers to a known entity in the target domain (e.g. the ontology). We present an ontology-based framework for identity resolution which can be customized to different application domains and extraction tasks. Rules for identify resolution, which compute similarities between target and source entities based on class information and instance properties and values, can be defined for each class in the ontology. We present a case study of the application of the framework to the problem of multi-source job vacancy extraction


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Towards deeper understanding and personalisation in CALL
Galia Angelova | Albena Strupchanska | Ognyan Kalaydijev | Milena Yankova | Svetla Boytcheva | Irena Vitanova | Preslav Nakov
Proceedings of the Workshop on eLearning for Computational Linguistics and Computational Linguistics for eLearning


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Focusing on Scenario Recognition in Infomation Extraction
Milena Yankova | Svetla Boytcheva
Student Research Workshop