Mariona Coll Adanay


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Clustering of Novels Represented as Social Networks
Mariona Coll Adanay | Caroline Sporleder
Linguistic Issues in Language Technology, Volume 12, 2015 - Literature Lifts up Computational Linguistics

Within the field of literary analysis, there are few branches as confusing as that of genre theory. Literary criticism has failed so far to reach a consensus on what makes a genre a genre. In this paper, we examine the degree to which the character structure of a novel is indicative of the genre it belongs to. With the premise that novels are societies in miniature, we build static and dynamic social networks of characters as a strategy to represent the narrative structure of novels in a quantifiable manner. For each of the novels, we compute a vector of literary-motivated features extracted from their network representation. We perform clustering on the vectors and analyze the resulting clusters in terms of genre and authorship.