Maria Boritchev


A compositional view of questions
Maria Boritchev | Maxime Amblard
Proceedings of the 2019 Workshop on Widening NLP

We present a research on compositional treatment of questions in neo-davidsonian event semantics style. Our work is based on (Champollion, 2011) where only declarative sentences were considered. Our research is based on complex formal examples, paving the way towards further research in this domain and further testing on real-life corpora.

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Toward Dialogue Modeling: A Semantic Annotation Scheme for Questions and Answers
María Andrea Cruz Blandón | Gosse Minnema | Aria Nourbakhsh | Maria Boritchev | Maxime Amblard
Proceedings of the 13th Linguistic Annotation Workshop

The present study proposes an annotation scheme for classifying the content and discourse contribution of question-answer pairs. We propose detailed guidelines for using the scheme and apply them to dialogues in English, Spanish, and Dutch. Finally, we report on initial machine learning experiments for automatic annotation.