Manikya Swathi Vallabhajosyula


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UMDuluth-CS8761 at SemEval-2018 Task9: Hypernym Discovery using Hearst Patterns, Co-occurrence frequencies and Word Embeddings
Arshia Zernab Hassan | Manikya Swathi Vallabhajosyula | Ted Pedersen
Proceedings of The 12th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation

Hypernym Discovery is the task of identifying potential hypernyms for a given term. A hypernym is a more generalized word that is super-ordinate to more specific words. This paper explores several approaches that rely on co-occurrence frequencies of word pairs, Hearst Patterns based on regular expressions, and word embeddings created from the UMBC corpus. Our system Babbage participated in Subtask 1A for English and placed 6th of 19 systems when identifying concept hypernyms, and 12th of 18 systems for entity hypernyms.