Lluis Formiga

Also published as: Lluís Formiga


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The TALP-UPC Phrase-Based Translation Systems for WMT13: System Combination with Morphology Generation, Domain Adaptation and Corpus Filtering
Lluís Formiga | Marta R. Costa-jussà | José B. Mariño | José A. R. Fonollosa | Alberto Barrón-Cedeño | Lluís Màrquez
Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

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The TALP-UPC Approach to System Selection: Asiya Features and Pairwise Classification Using Random Forests
Lluís Formiga | Meritxell Gonzàlez | Alberto Barrón-Cedeño | José A. R. Fonollosa | Lluís Màrquez
Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation


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The FAUST Corpus of Adequacy Assessments for Real-World Machine Translation Output
Daniele Pighin | Lluís Màrquez | Lluís Formiga
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12)

We present a corpus consisting of 11,292 real-world English to Spanish automatic translations annotated with relative (ranking) and absolute (adequate/non-adequate) quality assessments. The translation requests, collected through the popular translation portal http://reverso.net, provide a most variated sample of real-world machine translation (MT) usage, from complete sentences to units of one or two words, from well-formed to hardly intelligible texts, from technical documents to colloquial and slang snippets. In this paper, we present 1) a preliminary annotation experiment that we carried out to select the most appropriate quality criterion to be used for these data, 2) a graph-based methodology inspired by Interactive Genetic Algorithms to reduce the annotation effort, and 3) the outcomes of the full-scale annotation experiment, which result in a valuable and original resource for the analysis and characterization of MT-output quality.

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The TALP-UPC phrase-based translation systems for WMT12: Morphology simplification and domain adaptation
Lluís Formiga | Carlos A. Henríquez Q. | Adolfo Hernández | José B. Mariño | Enric Monte | José A. R. Fonollosa
Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

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Dealing with Input Noise in Statistical Machine Translation
Lluis Formiga | Jose A. R. Fonollosa
Proceedings of COLING 2012: Posters