Lixin Xia


The Design and Construction of the Corpus of China English
Lixin Xia | Yun Xia
Proceedings of the 2019 Workshop on Widening NLP

The paper describes the development a corpus of an English variety, i.e. China English, in or-der to provide a linguistic resource for researchers in the field of China English. The Corpus of China English (CCE) was built with due consideration given to its representativeness and authenticity. It was composed of more than 13,962,102 tokens in 15,333 texts evenly divided between the following four genres: newspapers, magazines, fiction and academic writings. The texts cover a wide range of domains, such as news, financial, politics, environment, social, culture, technology, sports, education, philosophy, literary, etc. It is a helpful resource for research on China English, computational linguistics, natural language processing, corpus linguistics and English language education.