Lauren Cassidy


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Treebanking User-Generated Content: A Proposal for a Unified Representation in Universal Dependencies
Manuela Sanguinetti | Cristina Bosco | Lauren Cassidy | Özlem Çetinoğlu | Alessandra Teresa Cignarella | Teresa Lynn | Ines Rehbein | Josef Ruppenhofer | Djamé Seddah | Amir Zeldes
Proceedings of the 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

The paper presents a discussion on the main linguistic phenomena of user-generated texts found in web and social media, and proposes a set of annotation guidelines for their treatment within the Universal Dependencies (UD) framework. Given on the one hand the increasing number of treebanks featuring user-generated content, and its somewhat inconsistent treatment in these resources on the other, the aim of this paper is twofold: (1) to provide a short, though comprehensive, overview of such treebanks - based on available literature - along with their main features and a comparative analysis of their annotation criteria, and (2) to propose a set of tentative UD-based annotation guidelines, to promote consistent treatment of the particular phenomena found in these types of texts. The main goal of this paper is to provide a common framework for those teams interested in developing similar resources in UD, thus enabling cross-linguistic consistency, which is a principle that has always been in the spirit of UD.