Lacramioara Dranca


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Multi-Strategy system for translation inference across dictionaries
Lacramioara Dranca
Proceedings of the 2020 Globalex Workshop on Linked Lexicography

This paper describes four different strategies proposed to the TIAD 2020 Shared Task for automatic translation inference across dictionaries. The proposed strategies are based on the analysis of Apertium RDF graph, taking advantage of characteristics such as translation using multiple paths, synonyms and similarities between lexical entries from different lexicons and cardinality of possible translations through the graph. The four strategies were trained and validated on the Apertium RDF EN<->ES dictionary, showing promising results. Finally, the strategies, applied together, obtained an F-measure of 0.43 in the task of inferring the dictionaries proposed in the shared task, ranking thus third with respect to the other new systems presented to the TIAD 2020 Shared Task. No system presented to the shared task exceeded the baseline proposed by the TIAD organizers.