Kohei Ohara


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Kotonush: Understanding Concepts Based on Values behind Social Media
Tatsuya Iwanari | Kohei Ohara | Naoki Yoshinaga | Nobuhiro Kaji | Masashi Toyoda | Masaru Kitsuregawa
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations

Kotonush, a system that clarifies people’s values on various concepts on the basis of what they write about on social media, is presented. The values are represented by ordering sets of concepts (e.g., London, Berlin, and Rome) in accordance with a common attribute intensity expressed by an adjective (e.g., entertaining). We exploit social media text written by different demographics and at different times in order to induce specific orderings for comparison. The system combines a text-to-ordering module with an interactive querying interface enabled by massive hyponymy relations and provides mechanisms to compare the induced orderings from various viewpoints. We empirically evaluate Kotonush and present some case studies, featuring real-world concept orderings with different domains on Twitter, to demonstrate the usefulness of our system.