Karima Meftouh


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The SMarT Classifier for Arabic Fine-Grained Dialect Identification
Karima Meftouh | Karima Abidi | Salima Harrat | Kamel Smaili
Proceedings of the Fourth Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop

This paper describes the approach adopted by the SMarT research group to build a dialect identification system in the framework of the Madar shared task on Arabic fine-grained dialect identification. We experimented several approaches, but we finally decided to use a Multinomial Naive Bayes classifier based on word and character ngrams in addition to the language model probabilities. We achieved a score of 67.73% in terms of Macro accuracy and a macro-averaged F1-score of 67.31%


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Machine Translation Experiments on PADIC: A Parallel Arabic DIalect Corpus
Karima Meftouh | Salima Harrat | Salma Jamoussi | Mourad Abbas | Kamel Smaili
Proceedings of the 29th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation