Jong-Nae Wang


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An Automatic Treebank Conversion Algorithm for Corpus Sharing
Jong-Nae Wang | Jing-Shin Chang | Keh-Yih Su
32nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics


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A Sequential Truncation Parsing Algorithm Based on the Score Function
Keh-Yih Su | Jong-Nae Wang | Mei-Hui Su | Jing-Shin Chang
Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Parsing Technologies

In a natural language processing system, a large amount of ambiguity and a large branching factor are hindering factors in obtaining the desired analysis for a given sentence in a short time. In this paper, we are proposing a sequential truncation parsing algorithm to reduce the searching space and thus lowering the parsing time. The algorithm is based on a score function which takes the advantages of probabilistic characteristics of syntactic information in the sentences. A preliminary test on this algorithm was conducted with a special version of our machine translation system, the ARCHTRAN, and an encouraging result was observed.