Johan Boye


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UDon2: a library for manipulating Universal Dependencies trees
Dmytro Kalpakchi | Johan Boye
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Universal Dependencies (UDW 2020)

UDon2 is an open-source library for manipulating dependency trees represented in the CoNLL-U format. The library is compatible with the Universal Dependencies. UDon2 is aimed at developers of downstream Natural Language Processing applications that require manipulating dependency trees on the sentence level (in addition to other available tools geared towards working with treebanks).


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SpaceRefNet: a neural approach to spatial reference resolution in a real city environment
Dmytro Kalpakchi | Johan Boye
Proceedings of the 20th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue

Adding interactive capabilities to pedestrian wayfinding systems in the form of spoken dialogue will make them more natural to humans. Such an interactive wayfinding system needs to continuously understand and interpret pedestrian’s utterances referring to the spatial context. Achieving this requires the system to identify exophoric referring expressions in the utterances, and link these expressions to the geographic entities in the vicinity. This exophoric spatial reference resolution problem is difficult, as there are often several dozens of candidate referents. We present a neural network-based approach for identifying pedestrian’s references (using a network called RefNet) and resolving them to appropriate geographic objects (using a network called SpaceRefNet). Both methods show promising results beating the respective baselines and earlier reported results in the literature.


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SpaceRef: A corpus of street-level geographic descriptions
Jana Götze | Johan Boye
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'16)

This article describes SPACEREF, a corpus of street-level geographic descriptions. Pedestrians are walking a route in a (real) urban environment, describing their actions. Their position is automatically logged, their speech is manually transcribed, and their references to objects are manually annotated with respect to a crowdsourced geographic database. We describe how the data was collected and annotated, and how it has been used in the context of creating resources for an automatic pedestrian navigation system.


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Resolving Spatial References using Crowdsourced Geographical Data
Jana Götze | Johan Boye
Proceedings of the 20th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2015)


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Crowdsourcing Street-level Geographic Information Using a Spoken Dialogue System
Raveesh Meena | Johan Boye | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson
Proceedings of the 15th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDIAL)


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Deriving Salience Models from Human Route Directions
Jana Götze | Johan Boye
Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Computational Models of Spatial Language Interpretation and Generation (CoSLI-3)


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How Was Your Day?
Stephen Pulman | Johan Boye | Marc Cavazza | Cameron Smith | Raúl Santos de la Cámara
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Companionable Dialogue Systems


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Multi-slot semantics for natural-language call routing systems
Johan Boye | Mats Wirén
Proceedings of the Workshop on Bridging the Gap: Academic and Industrial Research in Dialog Technologies

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Dialogue Management for Automatic Troubleshooting and other Problem-solving Applications
Johan Boye
Proceedings of the 8th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue


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How to do Dialogue in a Fairy-tale World
Johan Boye | Joakim Gustafson
Proceedings of the 6th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue


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The NICE Fairy-tale Game System
Joakim Gustafson | Linda Bell | Johan Boye | Anders Lindström | Mats Wirén
Proceedings of the 5th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue at HLT-NAACL 2004


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Do CFG-Based Language Models Need Agreement Constraints?
Manny Rayner | Genevieve Gorrell | Beth Ann Hockey | John Dowding | Johan Boye
Second Meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

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Plug and Play Speech Understanding
Manny Rayner | Ian Lewin | Genevieve Gorrell | Johan Boye
Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue