Jie Guo


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Attention-Based Graph Neural Network with Global Context Awareness for Document Understanding
Yuan Hua | Zheng Huang | Jie Guo | Weidong Qiu
Proceedings of the 19th Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics

Information extraction from documents such as receipts or invoices is a fundamental and crucial step for office automation. Many approaches focus on extracting entities and relationships from plain texts, however, when it comes to document images, such demand becomes quite challenging since visual and layout information are also of great significance to help tackle this problem. In this work, we propose the attention-based graph neural network to combine textual and visual information from document images.Moreover, the global node is introduced in our graph construction algorithm which is used as a virtual hub to collect the information from all the nodes and edges to help improve the performance. Extensive experiments on real-world datasets show that our method outperforms baseline methods by significant margins.