Ivan Yamshchikov


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Dyr Bul Shchyl. Proxying Sound Symbolism With Word Embeddings
Ivan Yamshchikov | Viascheslav Shibaev | Alexey Tikhonov
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Evaluating Vector Space Representations for NLP

This paper explores modern word embeddings in the context of sound symbolism. Using basic properties of the representations space one can construct semantic axes. A method is proposed to measure if the presence of individual sounds in a given word shifts its semantics of that word along a specific axis. It is shown that, in accordance with several experimental and statistical results, word embeddings capture symbolism for certain sounds.


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Sounds Wilde. Phonetically Extended Embeddings for Author-Stylized Poetry Generation
Aleksey Tikhonov | Ivan Yamshchikov
Proceedings of the Fifteenth Workshop on Computational Research in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology

This paper addresses author-stylized text generation. Using a version of a language model with extended phonetic and semantic embeddings for poetry generation we show that phonetics has comparable contribution to the overall model performance as the information on the target author. Phonetic information is shown to be important for English and Russian language. Humans tend to attribute machine generated texts to the target author.