Gonçalo Mordido


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Mark-Evaluate: Assessing Language Generation using Population Estimation Methods
Gonçalo Mordido | Christoph Meinel
Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

We propose a family of metrics to assess language generation derived from population estimation methods widely used in ecology. More specifically, we use mark-recapture and maximum-likelihood methods that have been applied over the past several decades to estimate the size of closed populations in the wild. We propose three novel metrics: ME\text{Petersen} and ME\text{CAPTURE}, which retrieve a single-valued assessment, and ME\text{Schnabel} which returns a double-valued metric to assess the evaluation set in terms of quality and diversity, separately. In synthetic experiments, our family of methods is sensitive to drops in quality and diversity. Moreover, our methods show a higher correlation to human evaluation than existing metrics on several challenging tasks, namely unconditional language generation, machine translation, and text summarization.