Erik Andersen


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A Small Universal Dependencies Treebank for Hittite
Erik Andersen | Benjamin Rozonoyer
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Universal Dependencies (UDW 2020)

We present the first Universal Dependencies treebank for Hittite. This paper expands on earlier efforts at Hittite corpus creation (Molina and Molin, 2016; Molina, 2016) and discussions of annotation guidelines for Hittite within the UD framework (Inglese, 2015; Inglese et al., 2018). We build on the expertise of the above works to create a small corpus which we hope will serve as a stepping-stone to more expansive UD treebanking for Hittite.


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Grammatical Templates: Improving Text Difficulty Evaluation for Language Learners
Shuhan Wang | Erik Andersen
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Technical Papers

Language students are most engaged while reading texts at an appropriate difficulty level. However, existing methods of evaluating text difficulty focus mainly on vocabulary and do not prioritize grammatical features, hence they do not work well for language learners with limited knowledge of grammar. In this paper, we introduce grammatical templates, the expert-identified units of grammar that students learn from class, as an important feature of text difficulty evaluation. Experimental classification results show that grammatical template features significantly improve text difficulty prediction accuracy over baseline readability features by 7.4%. Moreover,we build a simple and human-understandable text difficulty evaluation approach with 87.7% accuracy, using only 5 grammatical template features.