Deborah Ferreira


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Premise Selection in Natural Language Mathematical Texts
Deborah Ferreira | André Freitas
Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

The discovery of supporting evidence for addressing complex mathematical problems is a semantically challenging task, which is still unexplored in the field of natural language processing for mathematical text. The natural language premise selection task consists in using conjectures written in both natural language and mathematical formulae to recommend premises that most likely will be useful to prove a particular statement. We propose an approach to solve this task as a link prediction problem, using Deep Convolutional Graph Neural Networks. This paper also analyses how different baselines perform in this task and shows that a graph structure can provide higher F1-score, especially when considering multi-hop premise selection.

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Natural Language Premise Selection: Finding Supporting Statements for Mathematical Text
Deborah Ferreira | André Freitas
Proceedings of the 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Mathematical text is written using a combination of words and mathematical expressions. This combination, along with a specific way of structuring sentences makes it challenging for state-of-art NLP tools to understand and reason on top of mathematical discourse. In this work, we propose a new NLP task, the natural premise selection, which is used to retrieve supporting definitions and supporting propositions that are useful for generating an informal mathematical proof for a particular statement. We also make available a dataset, NL-PS, which can be used to evaluate different approaches for the natural premise selection task. Using different baselines, we demonstrate the underlying interpretation challenges associated with the task.