Chun Hei Lo


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CUHK at MRP 2019: Transition-Based Parser with Cross-Framework Variable-Arity Resolve Action
Sunny Lai | Chun Hei Lo | Kwong Sak Leung | Yee Leung
Proceedings of the Shared Task on Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing at the 2019 Conference on Natural Language Learning

This paper describes our system (RESOLVER) submitted to the CoNLL 2019 shared task on Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing (MRP). Our system implements a transition-based parser with a directed acyclic graph (DAG) to tree preprocessor and a novel cross-framework variable-arity resolve action that generalizes over five different representations. Although we ranked low in the competition, we have shown the current limitations and potentials of including variable-arity action in MRP and concluded with directions for improvements in the future.