Caroline Hagège


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A Framework to Generate Sets of Terms from Large Scale Medical Vocabularies for Natural Language Processing
Salah Aït-Mokhtar | Caroline Hagège | Pajolma Rupi
Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Computational Semantics in Clinical Text (CSCT 2013)


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Un annotateur automatique d’expressions temporelles du français et son évaluation sur le TimeBank du français (An Automatic Temporal Expression Annotator and its Evaluation on the French TimeBank) [in French]
André Bittar | Caroline Hagège
Proceedings of the Joint Conference JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, volume 2: TALN

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Finding Salient Dates for Building Thematic Timelines
Rémy Kessler | Xavier Tannier | Caroline Hagège | Véronique Moriceau | André Bittar
Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers)

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Temporal Annotation: A Proposal for Guidelines and an Experiment with Inter-annotator Agreement
André Bittar | Caroline Hagège | Véronique Moriceau | Xavier Tannier | Charles Teissèdre
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12)

This article presents work carried out within the framework of the ongoing ANR (French National Research Agency) project Chronolines, which focuses on the temporal processing of large news-wire corpora in English and French. The aim of the project is to create new and innovative interfaces for visualizing textual content according to temporal criteria. Extracting and normalizing the temporal information in texts through linguistic annotation is an essential step towards attaining this objective. With this goal in mind, we developed a set of guidelines for the annotation of temporal and event expressions that is intended to be compatible with the TimeML markup language, while addressing some of its pitfalls. We provide results of an initial application of these guidelines to real news-wire texts in French over several iterations of the annotation process. These results include inter-annotator agreement figures and an error analysis. Our final inter-annotator agreement figures compare favorably with those reported for the TimeBank 1.2 annotation project.


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Architecture and Systems for Monitoring Hospital Acquired Infections inside Hospital Information Workflows
Denys Proux | Caroline Hagège | Quentin Gicquel | Suzanne Pereira | Stefan Darmoni | Frédérique Segond | Marie-Hélène Metzger
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing


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XRCE-T: XIP Temporal Module for TempEval campaign.
Caroline Hagège | Xavier Tannier
Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Semantic Evaluations (SemEval-2007)


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Normalization and Paraphrasing Using Symbolic Methods
Caroline Brun | Caroline Hagège
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Paraphrasing


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Encoding and Reusing Linguistic Information Expressed by Linguistic Properties
Caroline Hagège | Gabriel G. Bès
COLING-02: Grammar Engineering and Evaluation

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A Robust and Flexible Platform for Dependency Extraction
Caroline Hagège | Claude Roux
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’02)