Caixia Yuan


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MrMep: Joint Extraction of Multiple Relations and Multiple Entity Pairs Based on Triplet Attention
Jiayu Chen | Caixia Yuan | Xiaojie Wang | Ziwei Bai
Proceedings of the 23rd Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL)

This paper focuses on how to extract multiple relational facts from unstructured text. Neural encoder-decoder models have provided a viable new approach for jointly extracting relations and entity pairs. However, these models either fail to deal with entity overlapping among relational facts, or neglect to produce the whole entity pairs. In this work, we propose a novel architecture that augments the encoder and decoder in two elegant ways. First, we apply a binary CNN classifier for each relation, which identifies all possible relations maintained in the text, while retaining the target relation representation to aid entity pair recognition. Second, we perform a multi-head attention over the text and a triplet attention with the target relation interacting with every token of the text to precisely produce all possible entity pairs in a sequential manner. Experiments on three benchmark datasets show that our proposed method successfully addresses the multiple relations and multiple entity pairs even with complex overlapping and significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art methods.


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Response Generation in Dialogue Using a Tailored PCFG Parser
Caixia Yuan | Xiaojie Wang | Qianhui He
Proceedings of the 15th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG)


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Leveraging Rich Linguistic Features for Cross-domain Chinese Segmentation
Guohua Wu | Dezhu He | Keli Zhong | Xue Zhou | Caixia Yuan
Proceedings of The Third CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing


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Cascaded Chinese Weibo Segmentation Based on CRFs
Keli Zhong | Xue Zhou | Hangyu Li | Caixia Yuan
Proceedings of the Second CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing


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A Chinese LPCFG Parser with Hybrid Character Information
Wenzhi Xu | Chaobo Sun | Caixia Yuan
CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing


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Accurate Learning for Chinese Function Tags from Minimal Features
Caixia Yuan | Fuji Ren | Xiaojie Wang
Proceedings of the ACL-IJCNLP 2009 Student Research Workshop


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BUPT Systems in the SIGHAN Bakeoff 2007
Ying Qin | Caixia Yuan | Jiashen Sun | Xiaojie Wang
Proceedings of the Sixth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing