Ben Eyal


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Building a Hebrew Semantic Role Labeling Lexical Resource from Parallel Movie Subtitles
Ben Eyal | Michael Elhadad
Proceedings of the 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

We present a semantic role labeling resource for Hebrew built semi-automatically through annotation projection from English. This corpus is derived from the multilingual OpenSubtitles dataset and includes short informal sentences, for which reliable linguistic annotations have been computed. We provide a fully annotated version of the data including morphological analysis, dependency syntax and semantic role labeling in both FrameNet and ProbBank styles. Sentences are aligned between English and Hebrew, both sides include full annotations and the explicit mapping from the English arguments to the Hebrew ones. We train a neural SRL model on this Hebrew resource exploiting the pre-trained multilingual BERT transformer model, and provide the first available baseline model for Hebrew SRL as a reference point. The code we provide is generic and can be adapted to other languages to bootstrap SRL resources.