Baixi Xing


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Modality Enriched Neural Network for Metaphor Detection
Mingyu Wan | Baixi Xing
Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Metaphor as a cognitive mechanism in human’s conceptual system manifests itself an effective way for language communication. Although being intuitively sensible for human, metaphor detection is still a challenging task due to the subtle ontological differences between metaphorical and non-metaphorical expressions. This work proposes a modality enriched deep learning model for tackling this unsolved issue. It provides a new perspective for understanding metaphor as a modality shift, as in ‘sweet voice’. It also attempts to enhance metaphor detection by combining deep learning with effective linguistic insight. Extending the work at Wan et al. (2020), we concatenate word sensorimotor scores (Lynott et al., 2019) with word vectors as the input of attention-based Bi-LSTM using a benchmark dataset–the VUA corpus. The experimental results show great F1 improvement (above 0.5%) of the proposed model over other methods in record, demonstrating the usefulness of leveraging modality norms for metaphor detection.