Aris Kosmopoulos


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Social Web Observatory: A Platform and Method for Gathering Knowledge on Entities from Different Textual Sources
Leonidas Tsekouras | Georgios Petasis | George Giannakopoulos | Aris Kosmopoulos
Proceedings of the 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Within this work we describe a framework for the collection and summarization of information from the Web in an entity-driven manner. The framework consists of a set of appropriate workflows and the Social Web Observatory platform, which implements those workflows, supporting them through a language analysis pipeline. The pipeline includes text collection/crawling, identification of different entities, clustering of texts into events related to entities, entity-centric sentiment analysis, but also text analytics and visualization functionalities. The latter allow the user to take advantage of the gathered information as actionable knowledge: to understand the dynamics of the public opinion for a given entity over time and across real-world events. We describe the platform and the analysis functionality and evaluate the performance of the system, by allowing human users to score how the system fares in its intended purpose of summarizing entity-centered information from different sources in the Web.


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Social Web Observatory: An entity-driven, holistic information summarization platform across sources
Leonidas Tsekouras | Georgios Petasis | Aris Kosmopoulos
Proceedings of the Workshop MultiLing 2019: Summarization Across Languages, Genres and Sources

The Social Web Observatory is an entity-driven, sentiment-aware, event summarization web platform, combining various methods and tools to overview trends across social media and news sources in Greek. SWO crawls, clusters and summarizes information following an entity-centric view of text streams, allowing to monitor the public sentiment towards a specific person, organization or other entity. In this paper, we overview the platform, outline the analysis pipeline and describe a user study aimed to quantify the usefulness of the system and especially the meaningfulness and coherence of discovered events.